Campanas Authentic Italian Market

Welcome To Campanas Authentic Italian Market. We would like to Introduce ourselves and share our family’s history and products with all of you. This line of products comes directly from the old country, brought here by my grandparents, Thomas & Maria Nicole Campana. They come from a very small town called Barrea in a northern mountain region of Italy. They came to America for a better life and to live the American Dream. Their story, and the family they created is something that you would see in a movie. They had 5 children, started a Market, then an Italian Cafe and Bar named Campanas Cafe. These recipes are from my grandmother and that small Italian Cafe that people have frequented and enjoyed for over 6 decades. These products are premier and very high end, real traditional Italian recipes.

These items have been tested throughout the years and are in constant demand to this day! This project is one of love. It is to acknowledge and preserve the cherished memories of our culture & family. I am sharing this with all of you to inspire you to do the same with your family. We hope you can see the value in supporting us.

Please review our line of incredible products and we hope you enjoy them All.

A Jar of Campanas Family Spaghetti Sauce
We know that we are blessed and we want to continue the karma by donating 5% of our ongoing sales to help young children and struggling families! 
Campanas Family Spaghetti Sauce
Campanas Sauce on Pasta is Perfecto
Campanas Family Pizza Sauce & Campanas Cucuzza Pizza Topping
Campanas Family Pizza Sauce on a Pizza Pie
Campanas Italian Wing Sauces HOT & Mild
Campanas Italian Wing Sauce


PA, Me and Momma my Wedding Day to Krissi
I am so proud to be Italian!  I am so proud of my family and our rich history. In all families, there are “ups and downs,” but in my family, I was blessed. We were not perfect . . . but we were a force of hard work, love and many wonderful memories! Even the days that were not so good, are great when I reflect back on them!



Campana Family 1928

HERE IS OUR STORY: ~ Our products were created around the “Campana Family Recipe Book.” It all started at Campanas Cafe, a small Italian cafe seating only a dozen people and a bar with seating of only 8 – 10. They made their footprint in their new home, an Italian neighborhood that opened in 1926. It had a cozy hometown presence at 1850 Washington Avenue in Lorain, Ohio. Thomas Campana proudly laid the foundation for his wife Maria Nicole and the future of their five children. They served what they knew, Italian food! There was Wedding Soup, Garlic Soup, Pasta, Pizza, Calzones, Sausage & Peppers and the best Italian cheeseburger in town when they magically added fresh salami and provolone cheese to their burgers!

Thomas & Maria Nicole had 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl. Patsie, (My Father) the oldest was born in Barrea, Italy and came at the young age of 2 years old. The others, Larry, Baldo Albert and Rosemary were born in Lorain. ~ They were a prominent group with many friends in the community. Thomas Campana was a large man at 6’5” tall. He worked in the Steel Mill and tended bar in the cafe. Maria Nicole worked hard also, as she cooked for the cafe and supported her husband and family in every way. She was considered a consultant by the new coming families and very involved with the Catholic Church of St. Peter on West 17th Street, only a couple blocks away. The recipes they used came down from decades of family dinners of multiple generations. Barrea, Italy is a northern mountain region, a province called Aquila. Before journeying to America,

Barrea Italy Campana Family Hometown

Thomas Campana was a Carabinieri which is a Police Officer in Italy. He received two Carnegie Medals of Honor for his bravery. Once for saving people in a village near his hometown from an earthquake. He was moved to Rome to head security for a college and he received his second Carnegie Medal of Honor in his efforts of saving college students from a fire. His next position given to him was by King Umberto, becoming a bodyguard and nanny for his son, Prince Umberto for six years of his life in Rome at the Palace. The political climate in Italy was changing rapidly and he heard that there were good opportunities in America, in a town called Lorain, Ohio. Eventually looking for a safer environment for his family and aspiring to live the “American Dream,”

Campanas Market 19th St. & Washington Avenue Lorain, Ohio

Thomas went ahead and started planning their life and approximately one year later, Maria Nicole travelled with their first born child to join her husband in 1922. They worked hard to establish their lives and in a few years, started a small market called Campanas Market where my father sold candy by weight and they sold grocery goods to families in the neighborhood.

Campanas Cafe before the liquor license and the apartments on top. My Pa Patsie in the lower right corner!

In 1926, the family transformed the market into the famous and popular Campanas Cafe. It had a small dining room and menu and people of all the different nationality neighborhoods gathered regularly and many great lifetime friendships were made. The stately brick building sat on the corner and consisted of the Campana Family home, three apartments and the Cafe. This building had many nooks and crannies to run through and play with my cousins Maria and Andrea and my nephew Marc who was only 9 months younger than me! It was a popular compound and the coolest place to be on Saturdays. My Grandmother, Maria Nicole had a great fenced in backyard with a garden, grape arbor covered patio and garages. She took great pride in their home and worked very hard. All the Italian families would congregate around the place. Some to patronize the Cafe & Bar, some family and many friends. My grandparents tried to help out some of the families that were struggling, giving them credit, advice and friendship and mentoring them if they needed it. Great friendships were made during these years and are still strong across many generations. One special young couple that rented an apartment above the bar was Tina and Alred Zocchi. As I grew up, Mrs. Zocchi would tell me stories of my grandparents helping countless families and it made me so proud. She would say “Scotti, you come from a great family, you are blessed. One story that comes to mind to show you the commitment to family is my grandmother gardening on a very hot day and my grandfather tending bar. Every hour or so he would come out and she would stand on a wooden cotton club box since she was so short, remove my grandfather’s short sleeve white button down shirt he always wore. She would take a sponge that had been soaking in ice cold water and wipe him down to cool him off, replace his shirt with one that was drying on the clothes line and he would go back in to tend bar. She, then returned to the task at hand, helping out in any way she could. I also learned that many times my grandfather would sit under the grape arbor and play his mandolin as family and friends would gather around. There was singing and happiness, an occasional glass of homemade wine, with everyone sharing the simple things in life with those they loved. The cafe flourished through the years and generations still continue to tell their stories about this wonderful place! An epicenter for the entire community, especially the Italian community! It changed management from my father Patsie, Baldo, Albert then eventually Rosemary. Aunt Rosemary and Uncle Pete Hribar ran the business from 1970 until 1990. My brother David Campana ran the bar business for a short time in the 70’s, then he and I bought the building in 1990 from Aunt Rosemary which was something our father asked us to do. He was busy running P.C.Campana, Inc. which he started in 1969. My father always said, if it wasn’t for his sister Rosemary, he could of never been able to focus on his business. My uncles, Baldo and Albert started Campana Concrete in 1955 and they too appreciated Aunt Rosemary for taking care of grandma as she got older.

Campanas Cafe & Bar

My Aunt Rosemary aka Aunt Rosie was always a very special aunt to me, supplying the perfect amount of love and toughness throughout my life. Another mentor to me was my Uncle Albert. I worked for him at
P. C. Campana, Inc. and we would go to lunch a Campanas Cafe at least 2 – 3 times per week. Aunt Rosemary would always be there and they would reminisce about “the old days!” She loved and adored me and I felt the same about her! She was the youngest of the 1st generation of the American Campanas and me being the youngest of the 2nd. generation of Campanas, it was an honor to hear the stories, each one, a thread that was woven into the tapestry of the heritage of the Thomas Campana family.

Campana Family Legendary Sunday Dinners, No Church! No Dinner Italiano!!

This project is a tribute and dedication to the loving memory of my grandparents, aunts & uncles and especially, my parents Patsie & Jenee’ Campana.

PA & Momma
“Mr. & Mrs. Patsie and Jenee Campana”

In addition, I extend my sincere love to my siblings, David, Patti, Larry, Pat and Bobby. 

Campana Family Patsie and Jenee’s Bunch


Krissi and I have been Blessed!! Thank you GOD!!!

Scotti and Krissi Campana Family

 And to my immediate family, my wife Krissi, son Vincent, and daughters Talia, Liza and Gia. You all make me so proud and inspire me everyday!

Scotti C. Campana